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First EP was stopgap rubbish from the people behind Pavlov's Dog's Dinner comprising of a few loops and random samples that was so amazing we totally forgot to upload it anywhere despite adding it to our Discogs page several months previous.

Our new idea for this project is to release a series of unofficial 5 track re-mix download EPs each recorded in 90 minutes or less.


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2017 SITI 04 DL - "Maureen Lipman Made Me Gay" (Download from Archive.org)

2018 PDD 09 CDR - various artists "1.0 Outside" c/w (Inaudible) Pervert "Maureen Lipman Made Me Gay" (CD-R or Download from Archive.org)

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2018 PDD 11 DL - "(Inaudible) Pervert Re-mix Fun Left-wing Radicals" (Download from Archive.org and Bandcamp)