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434 Noise was started in February 2004 by Jeff Hill (Jabberwocky/Acid Roundtrip) on the principles of community, sharing of ideas and collaboration, free expression, and hosting live events.

In October 2004, 434 Noise had their first show at The Noisehouse, a four room cinderblock house set in the woods, in Charlotte Court House, VA. In 2005 & 2006, 434 Noise hosted the first of two Noisefest For Indie-pendence which were 3 day events occurring on the first weekend of July. 2007's Noisefest was canceled. 434 Noise is also the subject of an upcoming documentary entitled "Outskirts Of Sound On The Outskirts Of Town" which is being produced by Chris Childrey of Scary Weather Films. As of May 2009, the status of the documentary is unknown. It will probably be unfinished/unreleased

434 Noise expanded to include its own Netlabel in February 2007, re-issuing out of print experimental/noise releases as well as artists such as Black India, Awwa, The Mental Hygiene League, & Jeff Hill among others. Free releases are available at Internet Archive and various other hosting sites.

From February 2008, live performances at The Noisehouse has been rare with only one show in January 2009.

On January 1, 2010, The Noisehouse has ceased doing live shows and will concentrate on running the 434 Noise NetLabel.

On November 15, 2011, 434 Noise ceased all operations and will serve only as an archive.