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Beip is a female solo artist from Lahti, Finland best known for her cult release "I Like Penis". Her style has been described as female screaming noise.


Beip recorded and mixed her first release "I Like Penis" in 2002 (produced by Mr. Creamer of Creamface). It went on to become a underground classic. It was properly released in 2007 by At War With False Noise, limited to 100 copies and sold out by now. A christmas single entitled "Kinkkuu Ja Kyrpää" came out in December of 2008.


56 tracks. 9 minutes. Format: 3"CDr
  • Kinkkuu Ja Kyrpää (ham and penis) (2008, 3"CDr, self released)
 ? tracks. 2,5 minutes. Format: 3"CDr. Distributed by Freak Animal Records