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Completely Gone Recordings (or CGR) is a netlabel based in Southern California, and has been active since the summer of 2006. Generally, the netlabel is perhaps best known for releasing experimental sounds. However, it also releases the occasional indie album, here and there. Nearly 270 CGReleases have been made, as of Jan 2017.

Current CGRtists

BERTHELOT, Bryan Dass (B.Brain, Dark Abyss, UgleeFuck, etc.), DAC-1, Devin Sarno, Elektrophil, Globoscuro, GoldoraK, Hell Seb (bloody blue, BBS, GHGR, etc.), He_lium, Highkey​.​Lowkey, Iban Call, Instagon, Interdirectional, I.v. Martinez (experiMENTALien, TOTAL E.T., TOTALITNY REZIM, etc.), Josh McCurdy (z-ℳØΠ, Kisama!, The Song Cycle, CGR, etc.), L'anthracite, Leland Vandermeulen, Lien Vøid, Lorenzo Lorsen (Slo-Blo, Tape-Safe, Mars In Hell), Matthew Topartzer (Channel Surfing, Occluded Plateaux, etc.), Mesa Lanes, Mike Bourque (XENOCATS, Army Of 2600), Nemik Sound, Niko Deck, nordBeck, Quint Baker, Reisebüro86, Rusty-Like, Ryan Smith (UV Flood, The Song Cycle Band, Phone), Sean Taugher (Airport 81, Rusty-Like), Siegmar Fricke (Pharmakustik), Sylphides, Ullapul, Vladislav Buben, (dell.tree) & more.

Alumni CGRtists

a-FORM, Awake, Betty Sjobeck, Black Madonna, Brian Mckinley, C, Codifier, Creepazoa, Crest Fear Blur, C. Reider, Daniel Sullivan, Dan Pålsson, (Pythagora, The Side Effect, Snojam '97, etc.) David Sjöberg (°B°O°B°O°B°, Penetration Pioneers, Jag är Herren, Er Gud, etc.), Endometrium Cuntplow, Erekta, EugeneKha, Fat Legs, Frank Berggrensson, Fuck, The Retarded Girl, Full On, Hal McGee, HCrink, Igor OGOGO, Jliat, Justin Guillen, KemoKlen, Lusca, M▲R▲5, Medicine Cabinet, METEK, Michael S. Waller (Seconds Before Awakening, Synthetic Mind Decay), Moldy Ghetto, Monotremata, Morgan Criger (Bird Machine, Kid Gorgeous, Scragnoth, etc.), Mystified, Not Even Hope, N.Strahl.N, Nuclear Shit, Obsolete (Office Equipment), Patrick Harsh (RedSK, Bullshit Market, etc.), Phog Masheeen, Pneumonoultramicroscopicsilicovolcanoconiosis, Ruben Haan (RUBY, BOG, Pindakaas), Ruben Snellaars (DOKI DOKI, BOG, LKW107, etc.), Rypher, Savier (UK), Shady Mountains, SHJK, Slings, Takahiro Yuasa (HCrink, The Song Cycle), Tambourine Halo, The Cobalt Rod, The Insect Explosion, The Saint Petersburg Institute Of Noise, Trash Can Man, Vasectomy Leftovers, Ved, Vmood, Vziel Projet, Zebra Mu & more.

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